1998 - 2000

Grand Master
Most Worshipful Brother Neil Chaplin


Grand Lodge Officers

Deputy Grand Master George Cull

District Deputy Grand Master – Labrador District   John Cameron 1998, Walter Williams 1999

District Deputy Grand Master – Western  District  William Martin 1998, John Dollimount- 1999

District Deputy Grand Master – Central District -  David Rowsell

District Deputy Grand Master – The Pennusulas District  Alfred MacPhee 1998, Randy Moulton 1999

District Deputy Grand Master - Avalon District  James Tulk

Grand Senior Warden Donald Newell 1998 - Vincent Pike - 1999

Grand Junior Warden Vincent J. Pike, 1998 - Daniel Crocker - 1999

Grand Chaplain John Snow (OMS)

Grand Registrar Maxwell Sceviour (OMS)

Grand Treasurer David Ralph

Grand Secretary Cecil Templeman 1998 ,  Donald W. Vokey 1999

Grand Senior Deacon John Dolliomount- 1998, Oliver White - 1999

Grand Junior Deacon Alfred Crews, - 1998 , Robert Goldsworthy- 1999

Grand Superintendent of Works Glendon Vokey-1998, Maxwell Squires 1999

Grand Director of Ceremonies Roy Saunders

Assistant Grand Secretary Maxwell Sceviour (OMS)

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Boyd Underhay 1998, Melvin Parsons 1999

Grand Sword Bearer Sheridan Yetman 1998, Gerald Vokey 1999

Grand Organist  Herbert Legrow

Grand Pursuivant Brian Sceviour 1998, Robert Arklie 1999

Grand Steward  Ernest Paddock 1998, Lloyd Piercey 1999

Grand Steward Augustus Stuckless 1998, Kevin Kelly 1999

 Grand Steward Frank Pike 1998, Nelson Kettle 1999

Grand Standard Bearer  Robert Barnes 1998,  David Nightingale 1999

Grand Tyler  Herbert Manthorne

Grand Historian Gordon Bartlett




Grand Master
Most Worshipful Brother Neil Chaplin (BIO)

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