"Reaching Out"

MWB Maxwell J. Squires


Grand Lodge Officers

Deputy Grand Master Lawernce Moss

District Grand Master – Labrador District  Wilbur Patey

District Grand Master – Western  District  Cluney Vincent

District Grand Master – Central District  Brian Burt

District Grand Master – The Pennusulas District  Bennett Wiseman - (Second Term)

District Grand Master - Avalon District  Donald Lambert

Grand Senior Warden Gerald Budden 2007-2008
Grand Senior Warden Lorne Warren 2006-2007

Grand Junior Warden John A. Peyton 2007 - 2008
Grand Junior Warden Gerald Budden 2006- 2007

Grand Chaplain William Scott

Grand Registrar Daniel R. Frampton

Grand Treasurer Carl Keeping

Grand Secretary Larry B. Grandy 

Grand Senior Deacon

Grand Junior Deacon Roger Peet

Grand Superintendent of Works William Earle

Grand Director of Ceremonies Daniel Crocker (PGSW)

Assistant Grand Secretary Robert E. Hudson (PGR)

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Paul Anthony

Grand Sword Bearer Randy Smith

Grand Organist  Robert P. Aitken

Grand Pursuivant Gary Rose

Grand Steward Eugene Small

Grand Steward Joseph Jeans

 Grand Steward Bertram Haines

Grand Standard Bearer  Brett Effort

Grand Tyler  Keith Warren

Grand Historian John E.E. Warren,  




John Baird 2006-2008

Harlow Snippen 2006-2008 

Geoffery Tucker 2006- 2008

John E. E. Warren 2006 - 2008

Harry Vokey 2007 -2009

Gordon Moulton 2007 - 2009

Thomas Lawrence 2007 - 2009



Donald Bennett 2006 - 2008

Daniel Crocker 2006 - 2008

William Scott  2006- 2008

David Laite 2006 - 2008


Allan Carter 2007 - 2009

Raymond Anthony 2007 - 2009

Llewellyn Hounsell 2007 - 2009

Scott L. Granville 2007 - 2009



Dec 2006

Dec  2007 


Members Awarded OMS


VWB Eli James Matthews

VWB James  FitzGerald


RWB W. Job Parsons

RWB William F. Scott



Introduction of a District Grand Masters Guideline

Consegration of University Lodge No 34



Opening of Provincial Freemasons Hall
June 07 2008



Standing in Photo our Grand Master Max Squires Bro Lester Bowering District Grand Master of Newfoundland, GL of Scotland
during opening Ceremonies of the Provincial Freemasons Hall


Consegration of University Lodge No. 34

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