Most Worshipful Brother
John A. Peyton

Grand Lodge Officers


 Deputy Grand Master Gerald Budden

Grand Senior Warden James T. FitzGerald (OMS)

Grand Junior Warden Daniel Crocker

Grand Chaplain James Smith

Grand Registrar  George Cull (PGM) - (2010-11 Appointed
Grand Registrar  Daniel R. Frampton (
2011-12 elected)

Grand Treasurer Carl Keeping

Grand Secretary Larry B. Grandy 

Grand Senior Deacon Roy White

Grand Junior Deacon Larry Bradley

Grand Superintendent of Works Herb Manthorne

Grand Director of Ceremonies William Earle

Assistant Grand Secretary Allan Carter

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Ford Sharpe

Grand Sword Bearer Kevin Ash

Grand Organist  Maxwell Sceviour(OMS)

Grand Pursuivant Lloyd Piercey

Grand Steward Peter Seaward

Grand Steward Richard Prosser

 Grand Steward Ellis Stuckless

Grand Steward

Grand Standard Bearer  Cyril Bessey

Grand Historian John E. Warren

Grand Tyler  Raymond C. Anthony  



District Grand Master – Labrador District  Striling Peyton

District Grand Master – Western  District  Scott Ledrew

District Grand Master – Central District  Derek Webster

District Grand Master – The Pennusulas District  Elmer Ryzuk

District Grand Master - Avalon District  Donald Lambert (PDGM)




Robert Mercer 2010-2012

John Warren 2010-2012 

Harry Vokey (PDDGM Avalon) 2010- 2012

Wayne Abbott  2010 - 2012

Arthur Smith 2011 -2013

Terry C. Hollett 2011 - 2013

W. Job Parsons (OMS PDDGM Western) 2011 - 2013



Gary Rose 2010-2012

Cluney Mercer 2010-2012

Allister Powell 2010-2012

Ron Cole 2010-2012

Augustus Dillon 2011 - 2013

Mark Rowsell 2011 - 2013

Lloyd Collins 2011 - 2013

Lloyd Walters 2011 -2013


In addition to the elected and appointed members of the Board, the following Grand Lodge Officers are members of the Board by virtue of their office:

Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, District Grand Masters, Grand Senior Warden, Grand Junior Warden, Grand Registrar , Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, Assist Grand Secretary. 
All Past Grand Masters



December 2010

March 2011

June 2011

December 2011

June 2012


Consegration of Terra Nova Lodge
Establishment of a Grand Lodge Mission & Vision Statement
Revision of 2007 edition) Guidlines for District Grand Masters
Development an Launch of a Newsletter in Magazine Format (Fraternal Tidings)
Re-Dedication Botwood Lodge (Centary)
Re-Dedication Whiteway Lodge (Centary)

Development of a Grand Lodge Website Policy
Complete Revison Of  Grand Lodge Constitution (1997 edition)
Lodge Handbook 

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