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Grand Master
MWB Lawrence Moss



Grand Lodge Officers

Deputy Grand Master John A. Peyton

District Grand Master – Labrador District  Reg Bowers

District Grand Master – Western  District  James Davis

District Grand Master – Central District  John Butler

District Grand Master – The Pennusulas District  Wayne Mayo

District Grand Master - Avalon District  Gerald W. Budden

Grand Senior Warden John Baird

Grand Junior Warden William Earle

Grand Chaplain Malcom Moss

Grand Registrar Allan Carter 2008 -2009
Grand Registrar Harry Vokey - (Appointed) 2009 - 2010

Grand Treasurer Carl Keeping

Grand Secretary Larry B. Grandy

Grand Senior Deacon Ralph Cole

Grand Junior Deacon Buchanan

Grand Superintendent of Works David Jones

Grand Director of Ceremonies Daniel Crocker (PGSW)

Assistant Grand Secretary Jim FitzGerald (OMS)

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Hardy Sparkes

Grand Sword Bearer Keith Hillier

Grand Organist  Maurice Budgell

Grand Pursuivant Rayfield Wells

Grand Steward  Dorman Chipp

Grand Steward Colbourne

 Grand Steward Scott Blundon

Grand Standard Bearer  Samuel Payne

Grand Tyler  William Smith

Grand Historian John E. E. Warren


December 2008

March 2009

June 2009

December 2009

March 2010

Summer 2010

Board of General Purposes Members


John E. E. Warren 2008 - 2010

Paul Anthony 2008 - 2010

 William Baldwin 2008 - 2010

 Daniel Crocker 2008 - 2010

Max Seceviour (OMS) 2009-2011

Cluny Vincent 2009-2011

James Smith 2009-2011

Doug Sweetapple 2009-2011

EN, Lorne R. 2003-2004


 Malcom Moss  2008 - 2010

 Robert Mercer  2008 - 2010

Sterling Peyton  2008 - 2010

 Paul Baker 2008 - 2010

Daniel R. Frampton - 2009-2011

Thomas Lawerence -  2009-2011

 Keith Warren - 2009-2011

Gordon Hickman - 2009-2011



CUBA Relief Charity

Avalon Lodge  No. 2  Celebration  150th





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