"Let your Light Shine"

Most Worshipfull Brother Donald W. NEWELL


Grand Lodge Officers

Deputy Grand Master Maxwell J. Squires

District Deputy Grand Master – Labrador District  Wilbur Patey

District Deputy Grand Master – Western District Lawernce Moss

District Deputy Grand Master – Central District  Robin Vatcher

District Deputy Grand Master – The Pennusulas District  Bennett Wiseman

District Deputy Grand Master - Avalon District  Harry Vokey

Grand Senior Warden  T.E. David Carmichael 2005-06
Grand Senior Warden  Robert Barnes 2004-05

  Grand Registrar Robert E. Hudson

Grand Treasurer Carl Keeping

Grand Secretary Larry B. Grandy

Grand Chaplain Samuel Stickland

Grand Senior Deacon Freddrick Wall 2004-05
Grand Senior Deacon  Garry Normal 2005-06

Grand Junior Deacon Oliver White 2004-05
Grand Junior Deacon Myles Tremblett 2005-06

Grand Superintendent of Works  William Earle

Grand Director of Ceremonies C. David COLTON

Grand Assistant Secretary Lorne Warren 2004-05
Grand Assistant Secretary Daniel R. Frampton 2005-06 

  Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies W. John Baird

Grand Sword Bearer Calin Crane 2004-05
Grand Sword Bearer Harlow Snippen 2005-06

Grand Organist Robert P. Aitkens,

Grand Pursuivant  Gerald Appleby 2004-05
Grand Pursuivant  Jim Davis 2005-06

Grand Steward Frederick Moffitt 2004-05
Grand Steward Reginal Badstone 2005-06

Grand Steward Edgar Pink 2004-05
Grand Steward Gary Dalley 2005-06

 Grand Steward Arthur Smith 2004-05
Grand Steward Keith Radford 2005-06

Grand Standard Bearer Keith Johnson 2004-05
Grand Standard Bearer  Larry Pasch 2005-06

Grand Tyler  Dale Vey 2004-05
Grand Tyler  Peter Puddester 2005-06

Grand Historian John  Warren  



Board Of General Purposes



Daniel Crocker

Paul Forward

William Scott

John E.E. Warren 

2005 - 2007



2004 - 2005

Robert Arklie

Gerald Budden

Linsey Jack 

Jack Granille

2005 - 2006

Austin Keeping

Brian Sceviour

Cluney Vincent

Donald Vokey


Members Awarded Order Mertious Service 

VW Bro Donald Penney

W Bro Milligan Batt

RW Bro. Samuel Stickland

VW Bro John Robert Snow*



Dec 2005



Appointments of All Major Committees for New Provinicial Freemasons Hall Project
This work was a key Componet of all aspects of the Project 
Many committees including those under Masonic Park Board would work until completion of project

 All these were formed under the Direction of the GM 2004 -2006

Formation of Reigining Masters and Principal Officers Committee of City Lodges
Founders of Commitee
WB Daniel R. Frampton ( Worshipful Master Avalon Lodge)  & Bro David Pike (RW Master Lodge St. Andrew

Establishment of the Fund Raising Campaign for Freemasons Hall
Chairman VWB Sherdian Yetman)

Completion of Sale of the Masonic Temple in St. John's by
Masonic Hall Joint Stock Company
Chairmen VWBro Lorne Warren

Initiated Purchase of Propetry for Construction of New Freemasons
(Masonic Park Board)

Development of Plan for New Building (Freemasons Hall)
(Reigining Masters and Principle Officers Committee & Masonic Park Board)

Celebration of 25 years of Masonic Park & Sod Cutting Ceremony
Masonic Park Board)










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