The Order of Meritorious Service

  The Order of meritorious Service is the highest honor which may bestowed upon a member of the fraternity.

It is presented annually at the Grand Lodge Communication by the Grand Master with only two awards made in any year. The award is given for outstanding servivce, dedication and achievement. It consists of a scroll and a distingushing medallion inscribed on the back of which is the recieptients name and the year presentation.


The front of the medallion is cream in color with the Grand Lodge coat of arms in the centre and around the outside primeter is inscribed "The Order of Meritirous Services"




Bro. John W. Dean III *  

MW Bro. Robert E. Davies  


VW Bro. Wallace Roberts Noel

W Bro Frederick Llewellyn Mitchell 


RW Bro. Richard Thomas Abbott

RW Bro. Robert Morris Hellier * 


RW Bro. George Melvin Dingwell

Bro. Kenneth William Smith


RW Bro. William Asquith Neal

W Bro. Wilfred James Strong*


MW Bro. James Hubert Pike

RW Bro. Chesley Francis Rogers *


W Bro. Norman Roy Forward

RW Bro. Maxwell Cyril Sceviour


VW Bro Donald Penney

W Bro Milligan Batt


RW Bro. Samuel Stickland

VW Bro John Robert Snow*


VW Bro Eli James Matthews

VW Bro. James Thomas Fitzgerald


RW Bro W. Job Parsons 

RW Bro William F. Scott


VWB Lawrence  E. Noseworthy

VWB Ronald Howell


RWB T.E. David Carmichael

VWB Edgar Pink


VWB William John Baldwin

VWB Edward Walter Penney


VWB Arthur Edward Mifflin

RWB Malcom William Moss



























































































VWB William Baldwin

VWB Edward Walter Penney

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