Board of General Purposes 2013


 The Governing Body of the
Grand Lodge 
of Newfoundland & Labrador

Meetings Quarterly

 Our Grand Master by Virtue of his Office is a Member of the Board 


RWB Larry B. Grandy Deputy Grand Master  Chair

RWB Daniel R. Frampton

Grand Senior Warden Vice - Chair
RWB James A. Smith Grand Junior Warden Sub-Committee Chairman
RWB Carl Keeping Grand Treasurer Board Treasurer
RWB David W. Jones Grand Registrar Sub-Committee Chairman
RWB Daniel G.Crocker  Grand Secretary Board Member
VWB Derek Banfield  Assist Grand Secretary Board Secretary


 RWB Stirling Peyton District Grand Master Labrador District Grand Lodge
RWB E.F. Bruce White District Grand Master Western District Grand Lodge
RWB K. Brian Sceviour District Grand Master Central District Grand Lodge
RWB W. Lloyd Tucker District Grand Master The Peninsula's District Grand Lodge
RWB Allan N. Carter District Grand Master Avalon District Grand Lodge

 Elected & Appointed Board Members 


VWB David Walters Board  Member


VWB John Warren   Board  Member

2012- 2014

VWB William R. Parsons  Board  Member 2012-2014
VWB Scott J. Kenney

 Board Member

 2012 -2014
VWB Arthur C. Smith   Board  Member 2011-2013
VWB Terry Cameron Hollett  Board  Member 2011-2013
RWB Walter Job Parsons (OMS)  Board  Member 2011-2013
VWB T. Geoffery Goodyear Board  Member 2011-2013
VWB  Augustus P. Dillon Board  Member
VWB Mark D. Rowsell Board  Member
VWB Lloyd T. Collins Board Member
VWB Lloyd C. Walters Board  Member
VWB Mark Bradbury Board  Member  2012-2014
VWB Dennis Noseworthy Board Member     2012-2014
RWB C. Kevin Ash
Board Member    2012-2014
VWB Sanual Payne Board Member  2012-2014


* Elected Members in appointed Position on Board

N/A : not appointed at this time

All Past Grand Masters are members of the BGP 

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